Most warbird fuel cells are made of synthetic polymer coated fabrics surrounding a layer of natural rubber. This is typically referred to as “self-sealing” or “bullet proof” construction.

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Over time, this heavy multi-layered construction tends to dry out and crack.

Once a self-sealing fuel cell gets to the stage of multiple cracks and de-lamination, its ability to contain fuel is compromised and therefore impossible to repair.

Once fuel gets through the cracks in the inner liner material and seeps into the natural rubber layer, it is almost always impossible to stop the intrusion and reverse the damage. On some occasions, when the inner liner isn’t compromised, these old fuel cells hold up and remain useable.

We require the old fuel cells to be delivered to us for evaluation to determine whether they can be repaired.

If a replacement warbird fuel cell is needed, we can manufacture a new one from your old fuel cell or from prints or dimensional drawings.

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