We DO Provide

The finest racing fuel cell bladder available! BASICALLY: We provide the Racing fuel cell bladder with nut rings, safety foam and gaskets. And THAT’S IT!

Our typical racing customer wants the HIGHEST QUALITY fuel cell bladder that FITS and PERFORMS over many years. They also want no nonsense and FAST LEAD TIMES!

Please keep in mind that we manufacture the flexible bladder cell only. We include nut rings, rubber nipple attachments, punched holes to receive and attach AN bulkhead fittings (reinforced areas with hole(s) punched), gaskets for the nut rings used in your particular application, flapper doors for any baffling compartments installed, and aviation grade explosion suppression safety foam (where added/applicable).

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We do NOT Provide

We have found that the vast majority of our RACING customers either already have existing ‘outer cans’ and attachment parts, or already have facilities to fabricate their own metal cans and attachment parts, or can easily obtain these parts faster and for much cheaper than we can provide them.

The following is a list of items we do NOT provide: Metal, steel or aluminum container cans, filler or access cover plates, AN fittings, tubes/tubing, necks or caps, hoses, hose clamps, fuel pick-ups, filters or screens, nuts-bolts and hardware.


What We Need to Expedite your Quote

Due to a significant amount of requests for quotes, and in order for us to efficiently expedite your request, we request the following:


  1. Email pictures of the actual fuel cell and/or cavity in the race car.
  2. Include fuel dimensions or drawing with centerlines for all fittings.
  3. Include size and type of fittings with your dimensional submission.


  1. Send in an old fuel cell to be remade, OR
  2. Send in a metal container, OR
  3. Send in a mock up or template.

We will reply with a quote within 1-2 days.
Lead time for racing fuel cells is between 3-5 weeks.

Racing Fuel Cell with Can

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