Custom fuel cells are just that: They are all ‘CUSTOM.’

Each custom fuel cell requires unique and individual attention to customer specifications to determine: design, engineering, tooling, patterns and manufacturing techniques required.

The more information you give us, the faster we can formulate a quote for you.

In addition to this, multiple factors are considered to formulate the cost of each CUSTOM fuel cell: it’s shape, over-all size, complexity, cut-outs, notches, angles, compound angles, curves, arcs, fittings (type, number and locations), rings, access, baffle compartments, foam baffling, etc.

These are all taken into consideration so we can derive a QUOTE.

WHAT WE NEED to Expedite your Quote

Due to a significant amount of requests for quotes, and in order for us to efficiently expedite your request, we request the following:


  1. Email pictures of the actual fuel cell and/or cavity.
  2. Include fuel dimensions or drawing with centerlines for all fittings.
  3. Include size and type of fittings with your dimensional submission.


  1. Send in an old fuel cell to be remade, OR
  2. Send in a metal container, OR
  3. Send in a mock up or template.

We will reply with a quote within 1-2 days.

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Attach pictures of the actual fuel cell and/or cavity.
This will allow a quick evaluation concerning your inquiry.

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